SENSEi supports Technology Enabled Care Solutions that help empower independent home living for the elderly, infirm, those living with chronic illnesses or cognitive impairment and those in rehabilitation after surgery.

The SENSEi platform helps to replace resource intensive monitoring by care-personnel with autonomous 24*7*365 personal monitoring, using a non-intrusive system of wireless sensors, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and low-power wide area network (LPWAN) communications including LoRaWAN and NB-IoT.

As with all our solutions, these capabilities can be provided on a standalone basis, with data surfaced through our generic CONTX application, vertically focussed SENSEICARE application, or integrated into third-party applications to provide a rich data set across a number of critical indicators inside the home and out in the world, providing a comprehensive understanding of individual behaviour, activity and routines both in and away from home.

The SENSEi platform has been designed and architected such that any and all data can be ingested by SENSEi’s proprietary analytic engines or exported to third-party specialist data services. Such services can analyse data continuously, self-learn and compare real-time data to expected patterns, flag when activity is out-of-the-ordinary and send alerts to nominated individuals for quick and targeted response.



Soldier Welfare Assisted Living


Soldier WelfareDomestic Home Environments


Soldier WelfareCare Homes


Soldier Welfare COVID-19 Monitoring



Monitor movement around the home, dwell time in principle rooms, and use of kitchen & bathroom facilities

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring of surrounding environment (ie temperature, humidity, air quality, light, sound, gas detection).

Vital Signs

Contactless measurement of heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate & O2 levels to medical grade ISO 13485 & IEC62304 standards


Monitor step count, cadence, general activity in and out fo the home and detect falls/unforeseen impact.

Locational Awareness

Wearables enable the real-time polocation and welfare of the individual to be monitored away from the home, with geofence alerting


Monitor whether a person is home and the status (open/closed) and use of doors & windows.

Flexible in Deployment

Simple ‘plug and play’ installation on temporary or permanent basis. NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/EnOcean/BLE& WiFi options.

AI Analytics & Autonomous Response

Intelligent analysis of raw data into logical behaviours and autonomous responses providing real-time alerts and triggers for action.

3rd Party System Integration

Social Care management and a full suite of API’s allowing seamless integration to 3rd party systems.