Tailored, Enterprise Scale IoT solutions without the risk.

Imagine a world in which the combustion engine, the wheel and fuel have all been created but no has yet worked out how to build the motor car…

That’s much like where we are with IoT; a world of individual applications and hardware, but few examples where these are combined to create a single strategic and cognizant solution that delivers real benefits with intelligent, autonomous action.

Whilst the components to enable this exist across the IoT spectrum from cloud platforms to edge devices, they need to be assembled into complex bespoke system architectures – a process that is time consuming, prohibitively expensive and fraught with the risk of failure.

SENSEi provides a unique, end-to-end, enterprise grade IoT platform that combines always on hardware, state of the art cloud processing & data analytics and a suite of intuitive user applications that can be deployed ‘out of the box’ to solve a range of enterprise level business challenges and/or that provides and IoT technology framework that can be customised to suit an individual organisation’s or industry sector’s requirements, quickly and cost effectively.

You can access SENSEi’s IoT platform, services and sector
specific solutions through two channels:

Primary Features

Modular by design, CONTX’s functionality can be categorised into four primary features:


SENSEi’s high performing IoT Platform as a Service enables Public Sector, SME and Enterprise organisation’s to deploy and manage connected assets, harvest and process contextual edge data to generate new insights and apply real-time rule based analytics with autonomous alerts and triggers for action. The technology is flexible and customisable by nature and is supported by an in-house framework that enables us to integrate third-party hardware and API’s, develop sector/client specific functionality to deliver sophisticated, bespoke applications with far greater cost efficiency and/or support clients deliver their own IoT related products.

On the edge

Deploy a low-cost inventory of SENSEiWARE hardware that utilises the very latest IoT communication transports and that can be tasked for purpose to harvest data or connect third-party hardware to meet the specific needs of your business.

In the cloud

SENSEiCORE facilitates the capture, storage and processing of raw data provided via private or public networks. SENSEiCORE is secure, unique and infinitely scalable, enabling real-time analytics and instant interpretation of raw data

At your fingertips

CONTX, SENSEi’s intuitive and configurable multi-platform user interface provides contextual transparency and control over your people & assets across all locations, or integrate existing business applications and third party software solutions through configurable API’s.

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Channel Partners

We have a growing network of channel partners across a wide range of markets who leverage the SENSEi platform to support their own customers with dedicated IoT solutions.

In addition to providing access to SENSEi’s leading IoT platform, channel partners provide sector expertise, bespoke customer applications, system integration services and/or a range of additional professional services to ensure customers are deriving maximum value from their application.

A tiered range of channel partnership and platform licencing opportunities are available, from fully managed to self managed to enterprise licences that facilitate your offering a self-branded horizontal platform on which multi-tenant applications can be hosted.

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