Track the real time location, status and context of any asset, anywhere

CONTX comprises next generation hardware, proprietary cloud analytics and multi-platform user interfaces to provide a modular ‘out of the box’ solution that enables individuals, private companies, public sector organisations and enterprise to track the real-time location, status and welfare of any asset or person including information on the environment surrounding it at any time in any location.

Primary Features

Modular by design, CONTX’s functionality can be categorised into four primary features:

Monitor and Alert

… alerting you to events as they happen

Today most cases of criminal activity surrounding unauthorised access and asset theft are identified long after the event and traditional security systems are falling behind the curve. CONTX provides a cost effective, intelligent real-time asset monitoring solution, fully optimised to seamlessly integrate into the day to day habits of our customers.

When active, CONTX directly notifies any user via real-time alerts sent direct to their smartphone or PC, the moment an object is moved outside of pre-determined parameters (time, motion or position). CONTX not only monitors and notifies of movement on doors, windows and perimeters to identify intrusion, it also directly monitors the relevant assets you want to protect, notifying an assets presence, absence, movement and/or changes to it’s surrounding environment, thus negating ‘incident lag’, the time between the incident and realisation.

Track and Response

…contextual transparency on the real-time location and status of any asset, anywhere

Tracking where people, assets and things are at any given time, being able to monitor their behaviour in any physical environment and having the tools to act upon that behaviour with intelligent, rule-based actions, is a challenging but critical requirement for many businesses. Traditional Asset tracking solutions are not only technologically outdated and lack intelligence, they are expensive, battery hungry and cumbersome hence their use is generally limited to larger, higher value or mission critical assets.

CONTX changes this, offering an inventory of low-cost SENSEi tags & sensors ,that can be attached to anything or anyone, and that utilise the latest IoT communication protocols providing local & wide area coverage and an extended battery life (1-5years depending on use).

The SENSEi cloud services enable instant interpretation of context-rich data as it is received and the multi-platform CONTX user interfaces visualise the real-time location, movement, status and environment of any asset, person or thing whether they are moving around the inside of a high-rise building, between sites or across the globe.

Personal Welfare

… protecting your most valuable assets

Whether it’s a responsibility for lone workers, teams working in high risk environments, emergency response teams, or military personnel undergoing selection, training or operational exercises in extreme remote environments, insight to personnel welfare is often limited to a knowledge of location and information communicated in phone/text/radio updates.

CONTX provides a modular data harvesting solution combining wearable sensor technology, with IoT communication protocols and big data analytics to provide total contextual transparency on the real-time location, welfare and environment of an organisations people with autonomous notifications and alerts in response to analytical triggers.

Audience Engagement and Data Advertising

…enhancing the consumer experience & providing actionable business insight

Increasingly, in todays world of digital transformation, venue and building operators across multiple sectors including retail, events, transport, construction and education are challenged to replace manual activity with digital, context aware solutions. Successful players in this space are able to harvest data driven insights while enriching the overall consumer experience.

CONTX creates ‘smart buildings’ that enhance the consumer experience, improve site security and visitor safety whilst increasing profitability by enabling new sales opportunities.

The CONTX platform provides our customers actionable business insight on the location, movements and behaviours of their people and their own customers inside any building or across any site. Furthermore CONTX enhances the consumer experience with intuitive functionality such as indoor navigation and personalises the consumer experience based on identity and location, engaging individuals in a contextually relevant manner.

CONTX Features

360° Sensory Network

Real-time transparency on any asset, anywhere 24/7/365 or as required.

Situational Awareness

Three dimensional, geofencing and wayfinding capabilities.

Monitor & Alert

Real-time awareness the moment assets detect motion or change.

Flexible Deployment

Light-touch installation as permanent or temporary solution in fixed or mobile environments.

Contextual Tracking

Contextual information on every asset’s location, status and environment.

Configurable & Customisable

Configurable functionality & rules with solutions tailored to specific use cases.

Autonomous Response

Dynamic alerts and actions in response to analytic insight.

Modular Architecture

Allows users to build upon & expand services for current & future requirements.

Biometric Integration

Monitor the status & welfare of personnel in high risk environments.

Developer APIs

Seamless 3rd party integration

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