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SENSEi provides an end-to-end, enterprise grade, IoT solution that combines state of the art analytics, multi-platform interfaces and always-on hardware enabling the tracking, monitoring, and analysis of a multitude of assets in real time, without need for human interaction.

Helping To Solve Your Problems

Tracking where people, assets and things are at any given time, being able to monitor their status and/or behaviour in a physical environment and having the tools to act upon that with intelligent, rule-based actions, is a challenging but critical requirement for many businesses.

Being able to do it fast and cost effectively from one place whilst managing traditional limitations such as device type, battery life and connectivity in any and every type of physical environment, adds to the complexity and the cost.

Monitor and Alert

Track and Response

Personal Welfare

Audience Engagement and Data Advertising

Track the realtime location, status and welfare of any asset, or any person, at anytime, in any location

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Why Choose SENSEi?

Our track record in delivering ‘game changing’ solutions speaks for itself and an ever increasing number of high profile organisations, including BT and Virgin Media are now using SENSEi technology to disrupt markets and solve real world business challenges; substantially improving security, asset management, business efficiency and personal welfare.

The next generation capabilities of our technology are redefining which assets and what information can be monitored when and where, whilst the unique end-to-end system architecture provides a framework that can be customised for industry specific applications quickly and cost effectively.

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