A complete next generation sensory network platform

…for tracking, monitoring and responding to people, assets and things.


Tracking where people, assets and things are at any given time, being able to monitor their behaviour in a physical environment and having the tools to act upon that behavior with intelligent, rule-based actions, is a challenging but critical requirement for many businesses.

Being able to do it fast and cost effectively from one place and managing traditional limitations such as device type, battery life and connectivity in any and every type of physical environment, adds to the complexity and the cost.

SENSEi NETWORKS was created to solve these problems, by providing a single, end-to-end, next-generation sensory network platform, comprising:

  • Sensors: ‘Plug & play’ sensors creating the sensory network itself, capable of deployment into any and every location
  • Peripherals: User-owned or specific IoT devices that connect to the network
  • Cloud Services: Rules-based cloud services with data analytics for realtime, intelligent responsive actions and historic reporting. The entire solution is operated through easy-to-use, intuitive customised front and back end application user interfaces for any given use case.


The application of SENSEi’s Sensory Network Platform solves problems for an infinite range of use-cases across the spectrum of business verticals. Here are just a few we’re currently working on:

SENSEi_ icons_Agriculture & Bloodstock-08

SENSEi Agriculture & Bloodstock
Ensuring that agriculture businesses are able to identify under-threat assets, track bloodstock and effectively manage a large geographical area.

SENSEi_ icons_Construction & Utilities-01

SENSEi Construction & Utilities
Track the movement and access of vehicles, people and equipment deployed on construction sites, as well as monitor the location, welfare and access of workers whilst dramatically improving utilisation of existing assets.

SENSEi_ icons_Education-05

SENSEi Education
Maximise and manage the security and risk of assets against accidental loss, damage and destruction while determining access to secure areas and enabling educational opportunities.

SENSEi_ icons_Emergency Services-07

SENSEi Emergency Services
Vehicle and person tracking and monitoring within high-risk response situations, with the additional benefit of projecting best response-time pathways.

SENSEi_ icons_Event

SENSEi Event
Effective management of arrival and entry, tracking and dispersal of crowds to influence and assist queuing systems, signage and effective stewarding to manage crowd flow/pressure.

SENSEi_ icons_Funeral-10

SENSEi Funeral
Automating how funeral parlours track the status of deceased, staff and vehicles.

SENSEi_ icons_Healthcare-13

SENSEi Healthcare
Sensory network capable of tracking location and health of patients, staff and equipment.

SENSEi_ icons_Home & Personal-04

SENSEi Home & Personal
Home and personal item security solution with real time status reporting and theft alarm system.

SENSEi_ icons_Justice & Defence-12

SENSEi Justice & Defence
Vehicle and personnel tracking and monitoring within high-risk situations, as well as access management to high security areas.

SENSEi_ icons_Parking-06

SENSEi Parking
Intelligent parking system, allowing for smart tracking within high traffic areas and central reporting of space availability.

SENSEi_ icons_Retail

SENSEi Retail
Multi-faceted tool enabling quick proximity payments, stock transit tracking, asset security and access control to secure areas and items.

SENSEi_ icons_Transport & Logistics-09

SENSEi Transport & Logistics
Dynamic end to end workflow management including traffic pathfinding, Asset tracking and security, access control, procurement, distribution, maintenance and inventory management.


A SENSEi sensory network comprises three core components, Sensors, Peripherals and Cloud Services amalgamated into a single technology platform.

‘Plug & play’ sensors are easily deployed in fixed and mobile environments. These ‘always on’ devices mesh to establish a local sensory network and act as a gateway to the SENSEi cloud services.

This network ‘senses’ and monitors SENSEi and third party peripherals which can be attached to or associated with anything or anyone, and tasked to report on location, proximity to other devices, environment, asset health, speed and motion.

Data is analysed in realtime by the SENSEi cloud services and reported back as information in customised applications or used to prompt a pre-determined alert or trigger action.



SENSEi sits firmly at the heart of the Internet of Things. The versatile and scalable platform has both the relevance and capability to empower solutions across a broad range of industries including:

  • Global Asset Management
  • Smart Education and Learning
  • Fleet Management & Insurance
  • Healthcare Asset Management
  • Child Safety & Vulnerable Person Welfare
  • Security
  • Smart Cities

Working in partnership with BT, Virgin Media, local government and private enterprise SENSEi are involved in a number of exciting projects in which sensory network technology is being applied to solve real world issues.