A new partnership between Australian risk management consultancy Stress Science and UK-based SENSEi Networks will give Australian businesses access to game changing technologies to help them in the battle against employee stress.

The partnership, which brings SENSEi Networks’ Internet of Things (IOT) solutions to Australia for the first time, will give Australian businesses the ability to remotely track individual employee welfare and the key stress risk factors in their working environment.

The data-driven solution works through wearable technologies that monitor human physiology such as stress and immune biomarkers, heart rate, blood pressure, movement, and more as well as environmental stressors that can impact the human physiology.

Data from the environmental and personal sensors are processed on SENSEi’s cloud platform where analytics are applied and then visualised on a web application using risk stratification, where individuals can access their own data and businesses can look for trends using anonymised data sets.

“We are very cautious to protect the employee whilst giving meaningful data to the employer. This is a win-win when it comes to using data for good.” Chris Wilson said.

The solutions have been designed to help employers to adopt early intervention strategies, make changes to the working environment and provide tailored advice and support to employees experiencing, or at greater risk of experiencing, workplace stress.

Stress-related conditions are of increasing concern for employers as they often lead to more employee sick days, personal stress leave, reduction in productivity and workplace safety and higher staff turnover, raising the amount businesses spend each year hiring and training new staff.

Stress Science’s Managing Director Chris Wilson said the data and insights that the SENSEi Networks solutions provide to employers are a game changer for reducing the risk to people and the cost to business of stress-related harm.

“These solutions will be particularly valuable for businesses with employees working remotely or in typically stressful occupations such as healthcare, mining and defence, said Mr Wilson.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened general stress and anxiety in the workplace, particularly employees who’ve been forced to work remotely or from their own home in lockdown.

“Working from home has made it more challenging for employers to monitor employee welfare, and they’re now having to adopt different approaches to maintain their duty of care.”

Established in 2015, SENSEi has developed a series of monitoring technologies to disrupt markets and solve real world business challenges including substantially improving security, asset management, business efficiency and personal welfare.

SENSEi’s technologies have been adopted by a range of industries including Agriculture, Justice & Defence, Social Care and Transport & Logistics with blue chip UK-based clients including Virgin Media, BT and the Ministry of Defence.

Damon Thomas, CEO of SENSEi Networks said we’re delighted to be supporting Stress Science to bring our technologies to Australia.

“It builds on our work with numerous clients including the British Ministry of Defence for whom we applied the technology to support soldier welfare and other projects specifically designed to support children’s mental health and enhance care for vulnerable individuals in social care settings, said Mr Thomas.

“SENSEi’s partnership with Stress Science demonstrates again the huge benefits that the SENSEi platform can provide our partners, clients and system integrators seeking to build or enhance IoT solutions, by lowering the barriers to entry.”

About Stress Science

Stress Science is an Australian based consultancy company led by Chris Wilson who brings a wealth of knowledge through his IPro Australia bio-marker monitoring background and stress mapping solutions across global corporations, military and high performing environments.

About SENSEi Networks

SENSEi, headquartered in Portsmouth, UK has been a key player in the development of IoT solutions since 2015. SENSEi’s proprietary single source IoT eco-system is technology agnostic, supporting the full spectrum of IoT devices and connectivity options, providing a unique, modular end-to-end system architecture with all the functionalities necessary to create and deploy enterprise scale IoT solutions. Offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) modules are available ‘out of the box’ or as a framework on which highly bespoke applications can be configured. This modular eco-system makes it quick and simple for companies to roll out proof of concepts that can scale to enterprise solutions on the same framework, reducing the costs of implementation and support.