SENSEi Networks, the enterprise IoT platform provider announces a new partnership with Karantis360, promising to revolutionise social care for older people and those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The partnership enhances Karantis 360’s functionality with LoRaWAN® technology provided by the SENSEi platform – this unique combination advances in-home and wide area monitoring within LoRaWAN network areas into a single source solution.

Offering significant benefits to the social care market, the Karantis360 solution uses advanced AI to learn patterns of behaviour and identify when a client’s activity is out of the ordinary. This technology can predict when intervention might be required and then sends alerts to family and/or carers if an exception is identified. The unique combination of Karantis360 with SENSEi architecture means the solution works both in and away from the home, providing round-the-clock, real-time insight into wellbeing.

By increasing the scope for independent home living, the solution brings families and their loved ones closer by helping clients to spend more time in familiar surroundings rather than in hospital or an organised care setting. It also enables early release from hospital for clients where monitoring is required during recuperation – potentially saving hundreds of thousands of pounds for local authorities.

Existing care solutions tend to be focused on in-home monitoring, or at keeping users safe in the community through mobile telecare with geolocation. These are disparate solutions with significant limitations. But by leveraging the LoRaWAN® capabilities provided by SENSEi‘s proprietary IoT platform and combining this with advanced AI and analytics, Karantis360 takes its best-in-class preventative social care solution to a whole new level.

A unique solution

A discrete set of wireless sensors installed around the home and a small-form wearable device (optional) send information about the movements, physiology and living habits of the person being cared for, giving a full yet discreet overview of their welfare and behaviour.

LoRaWAN is a network technology that enables data communication over a long range using very little power. LoRaWAN coverage can be created wherever it is needed; at a neighbourhood level or on a wider basis with public gateways. Sensors collect data from a variety of data points across the home environment, such as the movement of the individual, the status of doors, use of kitchen appliances, heating and humidity levels etc. Wherever there is coverage, additional sensors can be used to monitor individuals outside of the home, tracking the location, movements, and – where appropriate – the biometrics of an individual. The data is then pushed through by SENSEi’s network server to the Karantis360 solution where analytics are applied and an understanding of what is happening in and away from the home is visualised – empowering healthcare professionals with the data they need for proactive and informed care decisions.

AI learns the normal patterns of the person’s behaviour (waking time, kitchen use etc.) and compares real-time activity against expected behaviour. Once the solution has established the parameters of a normal routine, it keeps a check and generates alerts when something is out of the ordinary.

For example, if a change in behaviour indicates the individual has suffered a fall or may be otherwise incapacitated, care agency or family members can be alerted immediately. The software continues to learn and adapt over time.

Furthermore, the application of low power LoRa technology means battery life can be measured in months or even years.

According to Alzheimer’s Research UK there are currently 850,000 people with dementia in the UK – more than ever before – and this number is projected to increase.

Helen Dempster, CVO, Karantis360, says: “Our partnership with SENSEi means our solution can provide a complete picture of an individual’s wellbeing both inside and outside the home, enabling a more holistic approach to social care and thereby reducing unnecessary activity such as hospital admissions. Our mission is to transform care giving through intuitive technology and this partnership helps us to enhance our platform even further.”

Damon Thomas, CEO of SENSEi Networks comments “The major challenge for a business seeking to apply IoT is that it must either adopt a variety of disparate systems or navigate the expensive and complex process of building a bespoke end-to end system architecture. SENSEi’s partnership with Karantis360 demonstrates again the huge benefits that the SENSEi platform can provide our partners, clients and systems integrators seeking to build or enhance IoT solutions, by lowering the barriers to entry. Our partnership with Karantis360 not only provides an exciting new offer to the social care market but the integration of their capabilities into the SENSEi eco-system also enhances what SENSEi are able to offer our other partners.”

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About SENSEi

SENSEi’s proprietary IoT ecosystem provides a unique modular, end-to-end platform architecture with all the functionalities necessary to create and deploy enterprise-scale IoT solutions.

SENSEi uniquely encompasses the complete IoT ecosystem as a single-source IoT service offering. SENSEi is totally agnostic in terms of hardware and communication protocol, enabling individual solutions to be tailored to each customer’s requirements using the best technology for the purpose.

Offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) modules are available ‘out of the box’ or as a framework on which highly bespoke applications can be configured. This modular eco-system makes it quick and simple for companies to roll out proof of concepts that can scale to enterprise solutions on the same framework, reducing the costs of implementation and support.

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About Karantis360:

A new development in assisted living; Karantis360 has been designed to transform the delivery of care for those who are elderly, infirm or living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Harnessing innovative technology, Karantis360 makes independent home living possible, and possible for longer, leading to happier and healthier lives. Reducing the admin burden for carers and increasing the levels of transparency for family members and providers, Karantis360 unites agencies, caregivers, clients and their families to benefit all.

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