Enterprise IoT Platform developer, SENSEI strengthens its commitment to the LoRaWAN® Standard.

Portsmouth, UK, October 20th, 2020 – SENSEi Networks Limited, developers of a true, end-to-end platform for enterprise IoT, announced today it has joined the LoRa Alliance®, the global association of companies that are backing the LoRaWAN® standard for low-power wide-area networking (LPWAN).

Damon Thomas, SENSEi CEO commented “the current challenge for any enterprise seeking to apply IoT at scale is that they must either adopt a variety of disparate systems or navigate the prohibitively expensive and complex process of planning and building a bespoke end-to-end system architecture. The inter-operability between the layers in the IoT technology stack, the breadth of skill set required to deliver projects and the high cost of configuration for the capture, analysis and presentation of meaningful data outputs, still represents a significant barrier to wider scale adoption as it is prohibiting tangible ROI’s.

SENSEi’s proprietary IoT platform is a single source IoT service offering that provides a complete en

d-to-end modular eco-system that helps create real-value; comprising an extensive inventory of pre-integrated sensors that support multiple and hybrid communication protocols (ie BLE, LoRaWAN, LTE, Satellite, NB-IoT), cloud processing and data analytics, data connectors to third party BI applications and SENSEI’s CONTX application server which offers, brandable, vertical templated user interfaces that can be customised quickly and cost effectively to suit almost any industry use case.

SENSEi who developed and operate their own LoRaWAN network server, have already supported a number of customers to deploy private, public and hybrid LoRaWAN networks in the UK. This membership will allow SENSEi to influence and contribute to the adoption and development of the LoRaWAN protocol throughout the world.

The LoRa Alliance® is an open, non-profit association that has become one of the largest and fastest-growing alliances in the technology sector since its inception in 2015. Its members collaborate closely and share expertise to develop and promote the LoRaWAN® standard. LoRaWAN is the global de facto standard for secure carrier grade LPWAN connectivity that is driving large-scale, mass IoT deployments.

“Enterprise IoT is experiencing rapid acceleration in LoRaWAN adoption, especially as global digital transformation continues to advance,” said Donna Moore, CEO and chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance. “It’s exciting to have SENSEi join the LoRa Alliance and contribute to the growth and advancement of the LoRaWAN standard. We look forward to their perspective and contributions as a network and IoT platform solutions provider in a growing market.”

About SENSEi Networks

SENSEi, headquartered in Portsmouth, UK has been a key player in the development of IoT solutions since 2015.

SENSEi’s proprietary IoT eco-system is technology agnostic, supporting the full spectrum of IoT devices and connectivity options, providing a unique, modular end-to-end system architecture with all the functionalities necessary to create and deploy enterprise scale IoT solutions. The platform is available as an out-of-the-box solution with an ever-growing inventory of pre-integrated sensors and template interfaces, or provides a modular framework for highly bespoke vertical applications that can be configured quickly and cost effectively.

The SENSEi platform has been adopted by blue-chip clients including BT, Virgin Media and a growing network of channel partners and system integrators.

LoRa Alliance® and LoRaWAN® are marks used under license from the LoRa Alliance.